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November accountabuddies and goals

This month I’ve decided to take on a little project. I asked several friends to let me be their accountabuddy. My goal is to help them to get into a routine and/or stay on track with their routines and goals. I would also like to help them to set goals for the month and if they don’t have a routine yet, help them create one.

I started this out very enthusiastically and realized very quickly that if I want to help people I need some of my ideas organized. When someone needs help with a workout, for example, if it takes me two weeks to come up with some ideas, well, I’m not much help. So this weekend my goal is to come up with some workout routines that anyone can do.  I would like to get some milk jug workouts on the blog.  I want my workouts to be something anyone can do, whether they have a gym or equipment or not.  Plus, I have a lot of friends that travel so I think a milk jug routine would be perfect for them too.  Eventually, I would like to have more advanced workouts but I’m saving that for when I get certified as a trainer.

My other goal for the weekend is to come up with some recipes for the site. My first priority is getting together some sneaky vegetable recipes. I am not an ass like some people. I get it that people have food issues and not liking vegetables is a big one. I don’t find it particularly helpful to give some a lecture on how important vegetables are — THEY KNOW. What I aim to do is come up with some clever ways to get my non-veggie friends eating vegetables.  I am going to test out my recipes on my kids.  And then they will tested on my accountabuddies.

I hope this will be fun.  I hope to be able to brag about my accountabuddies at the end of the month. I am super excited!

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