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45 Workouts till I get my Christmas present!!

So yesterday I took a progress pic. The first pic is May, the second is August, the third is from yesterday. I have gained about 6-8 lbs from August to now. You can see I have put on some muscle.  (:  For whatever reason I felt disappointed.  I don’t know exactly what I expected, but you work so hard and it just takes so long to really see results.  I am trying to be patient, consistent, and persistent.  My goal for myself is to take some Christmas pictures of my new body, that I’ve worked all year for. I have this vision in my head and it’s keeping me motivated.  Goals drive me.  Liking what I see in the mirror motivates me too.  On Monday there will be six weeks till Christmas. You can do a lot in six weeks. I am trying to work hard for the next six weeks.

I am hoping to get my accountabuddies and some of my FB pals on board with a six week push for Christmas. Commit to six weeks of exercising consistently and see what happens.  I am also buying myself a reward for my hard work.  Goal rewards are awesome. I never make mine scale rewards. I make them workout rewards. Because you can’t control what the scale does, or what your body looks like at the end, but you can commit to the work. So my goal is to do 45 workouts!  45 workouts till I get my Christmas present. Some of these might end up being baby workouts but this is my goal and my motivation. I’ve done this before with my tattoos. Made a goal to do 100 workouts till my next tattoo. You need to reward yourself. What better reward than a new body for Christmas and present to go with it?  I am planning to buy myself a red swimsuit mmmhmmm and a Santa hat and take some cute pics for myself — and probably my blog.

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