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Go Unicorn Goddess! GO! Getting myself back on track.

I haven’t blogged in quite some time. I decided to run for office as a Libertarian candidate this year.  I have been spending most of my time on Patty for Liberty and campaigning. I have learned so much and grown so much as a person from doing this, but my fitness goals have been on the back burner. I am still campaigning, but I am determined to get back on track with my fitness goals. It sucks to start over. However, that’s life. Every person has a real life and has set backs. This blog is my baby. I have big goals for it. I hope to one day inspire a lot of people to not just get fit, but to have dreams and go for them! We all have our battles. My biggest struggles are with bipolar disorder and anxiety. I spent a very large part of my life hiding this from others and not talking about it. I have found the more I talk about my struggles, the more I realize people relate with me. I hope that I inspire you to overcome your fears, take on new challenges, and fight your “aliens”.


I went to New Orleans this month for the Libertarian National Convention. Just before I was set to go, I totaled my suburban. I have spent the last month recuperating from a whiplash injury. On the bright side I am now the owner of a 2015 Chevy Cruze.

Now that I am back I am getting myself back in a routine! GO UNICORN GODDESS GO!

Today’s goal was to do something. So I made a simple five song challenge over on Get Fit Don’t Quit. Basically, you do a different exercise (cardio, lunges, etc) through each song. Today’s focus was abs and legs

Here’s what I did.

*Abraracadabra 5:08 up and down my stairs
*Money for Nothing 8:26 (no wonder that was so hard!) Lunges squats walking lunges
*You can do magic 3:57 crunches planks
*Steal my sunshine 4:25 calf raises
*And drum roll… 😂
Paradise City!!!!! 😁 6:46 up and down my stairs

And the goddess food for today!

eggs with ham and cheese
unicorn french toast topped with greek yogurt, strawberries, cinnamon and a little sugar-free syrup

chicken and cauliflower rice soup (eventually I will post a recipe)
pimento cheese and pork rinds

Chili (semi-keto, low carb)

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